Would you like to save money at restaurants and family entertainment venues, while supporting the Wayne Township Education Foundation at the same time? If so, the Major Saver discount card is for you! From May 3-15, students in Wayne Township

Anyone who has ever worked with preschool children knows that keeping their attention requires a variety of approaches. Wayne Township Preschool Lead Childcare Teacher Alicia Gay’s approaches include a unique tool: yoga. “I have been trying to practice mindfulness with

It’s easy these days for most students to listen to music on their phones (or a friend’s) just about any time they’d like. But it isn’t always possible for students to listen to live music – much less music performed

Have you met Dash? Maybe not – but kids around the world have. They are using Dash – a fun little pale blue robot – to learn STEM skills as they program it to sing, dance, flash its lights, and