Megan Hernly has lived in Wayne Township her entire life. She attended Chapel Glen Elementary, Robey Elementary, Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center, and Ben Davis High School. While a senior at Ben Davis, Megan applied for and received

April 2024 The highly-anticipated solar eclipse is just around the corner – and the Wayne Township Education Foundation wants to help make sure we can all make the most of it. WTEF, with generous funding from its partner Schmidt Associates,

March 2024 Christopher Jerry has learned, in the most tragic way imaginable, the cost of medication errors at the hands of medical personnel. Jerry’s young daughter Emily had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her abdomen that required both

January 2024 Ninja fitness is gaining popularity – and there’s good reason for that! The obstacle training involved is not only fun, it builds strength for people of all ages. Our upcoming Wayne Winter Games & Giant Health Fair will

January 2024 Ben Bain assumed the position of president of the Wayne Township Education Foundation Board of Directors in July of 2023, after having served as a board member for six years. A native of Pittsburgh, Ben is a graduate

January 2024 How do educators help make reading exciting and interesting for middle school students? Lana Reeser, media specialist at Lynhurst 7th & 8th Grade Center, has spent the past 13 years working hard to do just that. Her most