Teacher Innovation Grants

Grants are a vehicle through which staff may receive funds to support innovative programs that will enrich the curriculum.  Wayne Township Education Foundation awards funding through two programs:

Donors Choose Image

  • 50% Funding for Smaller Amount Projects/Resources
  • Easy Application Process
  • Expeditious
  • Matching Fund Opportunities
  • Crowdfunding Platform
  • Teachers Only

Learn more about WTEF/DonorsChoose.org Partnership here.

To set up a teacher account visit DonorsChoose.org.

Traditional Grants Process image

  • Larger Grant Funding Available
  • Deadlines Sept. 1, Feb. 1 May 1
  • 2 Phase Process (4 months)
  • Any MSD Wayne staff members may apply
  • Funding Levels
    • Up to $1,000 Single Applicant
    • Up to $3,000 Teams/Grade Level Applicants
    • Up to $4,000 School-wide Programs

Learn more about WTEF Traditional Grants here.


WTEF/DONORSCHOOSE.ORG GRANTS ($600 OR LESS) — The Wayne Township Education Foundation works in partnership with DonorsChoose.Org and will automatically fund half of Wayne Township online requests up to $600 while funds last.  This opportunity expedites and maximizes funding for requests up to $600 (including shipping and fulfillment fees). To ensure access, keep requests to $450 or less because the shipping and fulfillment fees add up quickly and WTEF cannot half-fund anything that exceeds the $600 total with those additional fees.  

DonorsChoose.Org uses the power of individual donors, as well as corporate partners (like WTEF) to fund teacher requests. Teachers submit a request for specific materials online.  To set up a teacher account visit DonorsChoose.org.

NOTE: WTEF tries to maximize DonorsChoose.org Match Days.  On average these are presented every other month or so and enable WTEF funds to be leveraged for additional matching dollars from a DonorsChoose sponsor.

CRITERIA:  Most programs, $600 or less, can receive funding through DonorsChoose.Org (while funds last)

  • While funds last and if criteria are met, a teacher may receive funding from Wayne Township Education Foundation for no more than two DonorsChoose.org grants per school year.
  • Eligible requests will not exceed $600 total, including shipping and fulfillment fees. For eligible requests, 50% funding will be provided.
  • Basic school supplies will not be funded, due to the district’s relationship with Teachers’ Treasures.
  • Materials for the HOSTS program will not be funded as these are funded through a district grant.
  • Resources that are already provided in a school work area for teachers will not be funded (ie. Laminators, Cricut Machines, etc)
  • Snacks and basic clothing items will not be funded.
  • Technology for a unique purpose will be considered for funding.
  • All items purchased with funds provided by WTEF remain the sole property of the M.S.D. of Wayne Township and the school for which they were originally purchased.
  • While implementing and promoting the funded-program, acknowledgement must be given to the Wayne Township Education Foundation.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Cards will NOT be funded.
  • Technology for a unique purpose will be considered for funding.

Traditional Grants (2 Phase Process)

The Wayne Township Education Foundation Traditional Grants fund resources and programs up to $4,000. The traditional application cycle runs an average of 4 months from initial application to funds availability. The grant-writing process is a two-part process and any M.S.D. of Wayne Township employee may apply. Step 1 involves the writing of a preliminary proposal letter, completion of the application form, and inclusion of supporting documentation as available. Only those applicants who succeed in the preliminary proposal phase will be asked to submit a Final Application for Funding.

Funding Levels

  • Up to $1,000 single
  • Up to $3,000 Teams/Grade Level Applicants
  • Up to $4,000 School-wide Programs

Preliminary Applications Due Dates

  • September 1
  • February 1
  • May 1

Grant Focus Areas
Grants written by MSD Wayne staff to the Wayne Township Education Foundation should be reflective of the Foundation’s stated mission. To assure that requests accomplish this goal, the following four Focus Areas have been established:

  • Encourage Student Achievement (Academic, Arts or Vocational as they support the classroom curriculum.)
  • Encourage Lifelong Learning Opportunities (Community Service, Citizenship, Human Relations, Parental Training/Involvement/Support.)
  • Support of Professional Development (Training or support material specifically designed to engage students in classroom learning. This does not include professional development for an individual staff member’s personal professional development or for academic or continuing education credits.)
  • Honor Staff and Students

Mission:The Wayne Township Education Foundation is a community catalyst to enrich, engage, and stimulate student learning by supporting school programs and recognizing excellence throughout the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township.