In recent years, so-called “Farm-toTable” restaurants have become increasingly popular. These restaurants serve food that comes directly from a particular local farm or ranch – not from distributors or grocery stores. Chef Daniel Schifano, who oversees the Area 31 Career

The eighth annual Wayne Winter Games and Giant Health Fair is coming up and is back in-person! This year’s event is set for March 11 at the Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center (enter door 5). This power-packed day delivers exciting

There’s something new at Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center that has staff looking forward in a new way to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. “The students get so excited every day we do it,” said Chapel Hill occupational

Two successful graduates of Ben Davis High School want to provide opportunities for their younger peers to find success as well. Marcy (pictured left) and Gigi Cabello (BD ‘09 and ‘12, respectively) are sisters who grew up in Wayne Township.

John Dimmick is a teacher with a great focus on student engagement – he loves finding creative ways to get his students interested in sometimes complex topics. So when Mr. Dimmick decided he wanted to buy a class set of