How BDHS Math Teacher used WTEF Scholarship to Achieve her Goal

Megan Hernly has lived in Wayne Township her entire life. She attended Chapel Glen Elementary, Robey Elementary, Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center, and Ben Davis High School.

While a senior at Ben Davis, Megan applied for and received the Wayne Township Education Foundation’s Superintendent’s Scholarship. With help from that scholarship and others, she was able to attend college and is now a math teacher at her alma mater. Below are Megan’s thoughts on how applying for the scholarship impacted her life.

What prompted you to apply for the scholarship?
I am the youngest sibling in my family, so by the time it was my turn to apply for college and scholarships, my mom had a checklist of scholarships ready for me!

Why was a college education important to you?
I knew my end goal of becoming an educator required a college education. I was not overly excited to attend college, but looking back on those four years, I am grateful for that time. I learned so much academically as well as personally that has prepared me for the role I have today.

What kind of difference did the scholarship make in terms of making college more affordable for you?
The WTEF scholarship, amongst others, allowed me to graduate college debt-free. I think some students look at scholarships that have relatively lower dollar amounts associated with them and think it won’t be helpful. All aid is helpful, and especially when multiple aid opportunities are added together, the impact is so beneficial.

What inspired you to become a math teacher?
I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in math, but I also valued working with people. I felt called in high school to put those two passions together to teach high school math.

What inspired you to return to Wayne to teach? Are you enjoying the experience?
The teachers I had in Wayne, but most specifically at Ben Davis, were my inspiration. I admired the position and impact they held and wanted the opportunity to do the same. I think returning to teach in Wayne, with some of my former teachers as my coworkers, has only elevated the experience. I am now continuing relationships that I began to build as a high school student.

Finally, what would you say to high school seniors in Wayne to encourage them to apply for a WTEF scholarship?
I would tell them that every dollar helps! These scholarships are a great opportunity to help alleviate some costs of college and provide aid to achieving your long term goals!

The deadline for Wayne Township seniors to apply for any of WTEF’s numerous scholarships is March 8. To learn more, please visit

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