Teacher, Podcaster, Poet: Meet Board Member Angela Barnes

October, 2023

Angela Barnes, who has been a board member with the Wayne Township Education Foundation since 2020, brings a wealth of experience to our organization. The Indianapolis native teaches theatre and etymology at the Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center. She recently published her first book of poetry, “Tiger Out of the Cage.” She also serves as an MSD of Pike Township School Board member and a chapter advisor with the Best Buddies organization, which creates opportunities for individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In addition, she participates in community service projects as an active member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. In her free time, Angela rows competitively with her teammates at the Indianapolis Rowing Center. She is happily married and tells us she has “one amazing daughter.”

We asked Angela to help us learn more about her involvement with the WTEF board.

What prompted you to become a WTEF board member?

I believe in the work the board does to assist teachers and students. As a past recipient of a WTEF grant, I know this board’s impact on our classrooms. I was delighted to receive an invitation to join.

What do you do as a WTEF board member?

I volunteer at various WTEF events as well as serve as a contributor of ideas to help our board consider a variety of fundraising initiatives.

What WTEF programs or initiatives “speak” to you the most?

I love that we help teachers and connect the community to schools. Teaching is an ever-changing profession because we serve young people who are always changing and growing. It makes sense that teachers find creative ways in their practice to meet the needs of the diverse learners in their classes with innovative ideas. Often our community doesn’t get to see that or know that. WTEF not only creates a pathway for teachers to reach students through funding for their creative solutions, but it also opens a window for the community to see just how talented our teachers are.

Why is it important for the community to become involved in helping students experience the joy of learning?

Teachers serve the most valuable possessions of the community, its children. What we do as a community to pour into our children has a lasting impact on helping them grow into positive contributors to our society. Ensuring that students experience the joy of learning enriches the entire community.

What do you enjoy most about being a WTEF board member?

I enjoy working with the people on the board and learning more about the community we serve. My fellow board members are kind, dedicated people from different professions and backgrounds. We also vary in age and proximity to education. However, we have a common goal to come alongside educators to assist them. It is my great experience on this board that made me pursue being on the school board for the MSD of Pike Township. As a WTEF board member and a Pike school board member, I have a unique view of public education and ways we can meet the needs of teachers and students. Also, my experiences as a WTEF member have exposed me to endearing places in our community like the Mars Hill Arts Center and Shelton Heights Park. I love learning about the people and places that make Wayne Township special.

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