William Esquivel Brings Depth of Perspective to WTEF Board

September, 2023

To know William Esquivel is to know someone who gives his heart and soul to all he does.

William works for the Language Assistance Program in the MSD of Wayne Township. In his role as a parent liaison, William provides multiple services to students and families whose primary language is one other than English. With MSD Wayne’s students coming from 87 different countries and speaking 78 different home languages, William’s role is a vital one.

“William is an absolute blessing to our school district,” said Dr. Dennisha Murff, Curriculum Coordinator for the Language Assistance Program. “He goes above and beyond to provide support and guidance to our students, staff, and families. He is actively engaged in our schools and looks for ways to create meaningful and engaging experiences for our multilingual families.”

Born in El Salvador, William came to live in the U.S. more than 20 years ago. In his role as a board member with the Wayne Township Education Foundation, William brings a depth of experience and perspective, always from a multicultural point of view. We asked William to tell us more about his involvement on the WTEF board, which he joined in July of 2020.

What would you like to share about your personal or professional background?

I am from El Salvador and moved to the USA at the beginning of 2001. Growing up in El Salvador made me who I am today.

I grew up in the picturesque village of Lago de Coatepeque, a tourism destination in El Salvador, and was for the most part shielded from the civil war raging in El Salvador during those years. I remember my older brothers hiding behind the bushes and walls when people shouted, “Andan reclutando” (meaning that armed forces drafting trucks were around). The National Guard in El Salvador would draft kids off the street to take them to the mountains and fight the guerillas, but I was too young yet (they would pick ages 13 and up). We seldom witnessed the war first hand because the crater where this lake is located wasn’t a strategically good place for the guerrillas (they would have been surrounded) and we heard only a couple of fights throughout the war.

I attended the state high school by passing several selection processes and thrived in math, becoming part of El Salvador Mathletes during a couple of national events. I got an associate’s degree in accounting from the Instituto Nacional de Santa Ana.

What prompted you to become a WTEF board member?

I learned about WTEF through emails and other communications received as a Wayne employee. That being said, I knew the foundation mostly by name while working at Lynhurst 7th & 8th Grade Center, but I got a clearer understanding of their efforts and specific projects after accepting a position at the Education Center district office and translating WTEF communications into Spanish.

What do you do as a WTEF board member?

I try to add my Latino point of view to our discussions and I’m looking forward to becoming more involved in WTEF events.

What WTEF programs or initiatives “speak” to you the most?

The Wayne Township Education Foundation has diversified their scope through the years, covering a wider spectrum of initiatives. But their core programming, fulfilling individual classroom projects, has always been my most admired effort because it directly affects the learning environment of the students. I have seen how great ideas take shape and make a big impact on the culture of a classroom.

Why is it important for the community to become involved in helping students experience the joy of learning?

The community at large might not be completely aware of the funding limitations of our schools, but when they become aware, I’m sure they will react like all of those who are already involved and will rally to collect additional funds for those projects not covered by state funds. I always think that people rise to the occasion if given the opportunity.

What do you enjoy most about being a WTEF board member?

First, I think we should all be involved somehow with these efforts. I personally know that it is not required to be a wealthy person to be part of WTEF, so what I enjoy the most is that I can make an impact while doing other things because the WTEF board positions have many more functions where we can all find a place to be.

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