Chapelwood Classroom Picks up STEAM with WTEF Funding

Learning some challenging concepts has become a bit more fun in Sandra Ramljak’s first-grade classroom, thanks to a project funded by the Wayne Township Education Foundation (WTEF).

“This project puts a focus on developing important skills in young learners,” said Ms. Ramljak, a teacher at Chapelwood Elementary. “Through play-based learning, students are growing their social and emotional skills, problem solving skills, and motor skills.”

Ms. Ramljak knows this type of learning happens best when it’s fun for students, especially at the first-grade level. That’s why she submitted a DonorsChoose application called “We Have a Need for STEAM” and WTEF provided support. The proposal sought funding for classroom materials that would make learning about science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) a more hands-on experience for Ms. Ramljak’s young students.

The grant was funded, and the children in Ms. Ramljak’s class are enjoying every minute they spend with their STEAM experiences.

“STEAM materials provide developmentally appropriate forms of creativity, problem solving, and engineering,” said Ms. Ramljak. “With a diverse selection of materials, we discover new ways in which materials are constructed and crafted. We are also stimulating our curiosity and decision-making in both an independent and collaborative manner.” 

Since August 1, WTEF has provided funding for a total of 127 projects such as Ms. Ramljak’s, bringing the curriculum to life in classrooms throughout the MSD of Wayne Township.

“Funding classroom projects for teachers is at the very heart of what we are here to do,” said WTEF Executive Director Lisa Baize. “Our mission is to provide community leadership to enrich, engage, and stimulate teaching learning in our schools. Supporting teachers like Sandra Ramljak in their efforts to serve their students gives us great joy.”

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