Want to be a Ninja? Find out how at Giant Health Fair

January 2024

Ninja fitness is gaining popularity – and there’s good reason for that! The obstacle training involved is not only fun, it builds strength for people of all ages.

Our upcoming Wayne Winter Games & Giant Health Fair will feature dozens of health-oriented vendors, including Ultimate Ninjas Indianapolis. We asked Ultimate Ninjas Indianapolis General Manager Amanda Hamblin to share with us what we can expect to learn from them at the Giant Health Fair February 10.

What prompted you to become a vendor at the Giant Health Fair?
We are new to the Indy area and see the value of investing in you and your children’s health. Ninja is an up and coming sport that many people don’t realize is available to the community. Ultimate Ninjas builds strength from the inside out in a fun and exciting way, and we want families in the community to know this is an option.

What sorts of activities does your company offer?
We offer obstacle training for kids and adults through classes and many different events. We host birthday parties, fundraisers, field trips, team building events and more.

How does your company provide fitness/wellness opportunities for families?
We provide fitness opportunities for families through our ninja classes starting at age 3 through adults.

Why do you feel events like the Wayne Winter Games & Giant Health Fair are important for communities like Wayne Township?
Ultimate Ninjas value our community. We find events like these build knowledge around fitness and opportunities offered in the area. In turn this builds our local community and brings families closer together through activity, fitness and health.

What will people be able to expect when they visit your booth at the health fair?
When people visit our booth we will have a small balance course available (provided there will be enough space), a dead hang challenge, raffle, and lots of information on how to get involved with Ultimate Ninjas!

The Wayne Winter Games & Giant Health Fair is a power-packed day delivering exciting fitness activities, a health fair, workshops, and classes relating to fun movement and health. Prizes are awarded throughout the day. The 2024 Wayne Winter Games & Giant Health Fair takes place Saturday, February 10 at Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center. For more information, visit https://wtef.wayne.k12.in.us/wayne-winter-games/.

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